Natural Colorants

Costa Rica's rainforest is known around the world for being home to millions of different species of animals and plants. Five percent of world´s biodiversity can be found in this tiny paradise. The importance of protecting these resources and living in harmony with nature is one of our antecessors most important legacies.

The use of natural products can be traced back to indigenous tribes. For many centuries they have used seeds, flowers and rhizomes to extract pigments and color their bodies, clothes and food.

In harmony with this environment, TECO (Ecological Technique) extracts natural pigments like bixin, norbixin and other carotenoids from annatto seeds, and curcumin from Curcuma longa rhizomes.

These colorants produce clean bright hues widely used today for coloring margarine, cheese, ice cream, snacks, bakery products, cosmetics, etc.

Colorants derived from natural sources are a necessity. Discover a new way to enhance your products with our 100% natural pigments.


Botanical source: seeds of Bixa orellana. Origin: Central and South America. Common names: achiote, roucou, lipstick tree, orleansbaum, achuete, urucu, bija. Pigments: bixin and norbixin.


Botanical source: rhizome of Curcuma longa. Origin: India, Central and South America. Pigment: curcumin.

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